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Code of Practice

BSCAA members undertake to promote our code of ethical practice in all of their business dealings, seeing them:

  1. Abide by the rules and regulations, aims, and objectives of the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia.
  2. Promote the Association in the interests of the industry and the community.
  3. Maintain a high standard of technical performance as required by the Association, through the provision of adequate equipment and qualified personnel.
  4. Strive constantly to improve the image of the industry and recognise and respect the rights of competitors.
  5. Recognise and respect the rights of clients, while providing courteous and prompt handling of all service requests. 
  6. Conform with all aspects of legislation relevant to the operation of our industry, including Trade Practices, Consumer Protection, Environment Protection and Health and Safety acts.
  7. Prove adequate safeguards for clients, employees and the general public by way of public liability, workers'compensation and product liability insurance. 
  8. Abide by all industrial awards, agreements and conditions. 
  9. Strive for favorable employee attitudes and industry conditions which create a climate for honesty, fairness and stability.
  10. Participate loyally in the industry's growth and progress through the activity and public interest efforts of the Association. 
Ultimately, BSCAA and its members work to build goodwill that is beneficial for all.

To view a copy of the BSCAA Queensland Constitution please CLICK HERE.

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