Security Company Requirements

The Industry Licensing Unit of the Office of Fair Trading (part of the Queensland Government) requires that your security firm must join an approved industry association to do any work in Queensland. BSCAA helps to look after the security industry’s:

    • integrity
    • professionalism
    • conduct.

This is in addition to your legal requirements.


BSCAA will:

    • offer genuine and accessible services to your firm 
    • have a code of conduct in place, which you must follow to remain a member.

Compliance audits

BSCAA will arrange a compliance audit of your firm at least once every 3 years to check that you follow the code of conduct. The Industry Licensing Unit sets a minimum standard for what BSCAA's code of conduct must cover.

The compliance audit will:

    • be conducted by an independent, certified accountant
    • follow auditing and assurance standards
    • take place in a manner that BSCAA decides.

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