"CMBM highly values the services delivered by BSCAA.  We see it as the best way for us to stay up to date on wage rates, compliance issues, the latest equipment offerings and cleaning technologies and  industry news via the newsletters and the Inclean Magazine.  For us it delivers great value for money and I would encourage all cleaning companies to join and reap the educational and networking benefits that come from membership.”   


"Having been a member of BSCAA for over 20 years, I believe what has been most valuable has been the opportunity to network with the many various members over the years and to learn and understand their industry issues and concerns and then being able to participate at the board level, to negotiate with the client base and also with the union to have them better understand what BSCAA and its members are all about. We also have had the opportunity to show we are a united collective industry and that we are prepared to stand up, be counted and recognised as an important professional industry." 

~Commercial Property Cleaning

"Ellems Cleaning Services have been proud members of BSCAA for over 25 years and have actively participated in subcommittees and the board.  The association has benefited our business by keeping us informed and providing us with the ability to be involved in industry issues.  There is no other industry association in Australia that has the years of collated experience that the BSCAA can provided.  The educational seminars BSCAA have coordinated have not only given us first-hand information, but  also provided us with the platform to ask face to face questions from the source.   Monthly newsletters keep us informed and up to date with current industry matters.    Our membership is highly valued because knowledge helps our business grow."

~Ellems Cleanings Services

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