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The BSCAA cleaning courses provide a comprehensive education pathway for the cleaning industry.  The courses are packed with valuable information providing real opportunities for cleaning and hospitality staff to develop new skills. For further information or to register for a training course, please contact 02 4962 4435 or email

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Why use online training:

  • Online training provides real outcomes at a price everyone can afford.
  • Simple to use and packed with valuable, industry relevant information.
  • Enrol any time of day or night – enrol and pay by credit card online and start your course immediately.
  • Rigorous assessment. At the completion of each section the learner must complete 5-10 multiple choice questions. Should any answers be incorrect the learner is informed of the incorrect answers and has to repeat the questions again. The order of multiple choice answers is mixed/rotated each time a learner completes a section.
  • After completing a section of the course the results are saved online. Users can log on and off the courses as often as they like. Users have 12 months to complete a course and the course can be accessed for 12 months after the date of enrolment.
  • WHS induction training provides documentary evidence of both training and assessment, protecting the employer WHS obligations and providing rigorous employee training.
  • There are currently 14 online courses covering all basic aspects of cleaning operations and knowledge requirements for Certificates II and III in Cleaning Operations.
  • At the completion of any course the learner is automatically sent a certificate.

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Courses Include:


Axiom College Training

 BSCAA members receive a 20% discount for all fee for service qualifications through Axiom College!

Axiom College welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Building Services Contractors of Australia (BSCAA) as an Industry Associated preferred training provider to support members gaining access to cost effective Government Funded Training Qualification - Workplace Traineeships throughout Queensland.

Industry Pathways

Since 1994 Axiom College, has provided quality-training outcomes that are current, flexible, convenient and future ready. Our nationally recognised qualifications and industry respected short courses can be delivered as an onsite group training course, online or in the workplace across metro, regional and remote areas of QLD. Our skilled trainers bring our courses to life with recent relevant industry experience to meet your employee’s specific professional development training requirements.

Axiom College will assist BSCAA members in navigating, determining eligibility and enrolling into qualifications that have QLD Government incentives connected with training of priority qualifications. C3G Funding Incentive + Wage Subsidies of up to $20,000 (Indigenous – Torres Strait Islander new employees)

Why Cleaner training is important

Cleaning is a critical part of any business, in industry, either directly or indirectly. It is easy to imagine the repercussions that would follow if cleaning were poor or stopped all together. The financial risk through the loss of customers and damage to the corporate image could be substantial, and lasting.

Axiom College and BSCAA will work collectively to provide members with all the necessary professional development training to help sustain and win new business across QLD.

For further information or to provide a workplace training analysis please contact:

Gail Vaughn 

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