Exclusive invitation for BSCAA Members and Business Partners

In recognition of International Women's Day, BSCAA QLD are proud to present the 2023 BSCAA QLD Women in Leadership Awards. 

Nominate for the 2023 BSCAA QLD Women in Leadership Awards

  • Emerging Leaders Award - New & Evolving | Talented, determined, influential in their current role and driven to accomplish outstanding achievements. This Award celebrates a generation of leaders in the industry.

  • Inspiring Leadership Award - Making it better | Positively influence, guide and serve their employees, demonstrating courage, empathy and inclusion. This Award celebrates an inspiring leader who has shown leadership and vision.

Winners Prize Package

The Winner's Prize package includes the following:

  • The BSCAA Women in Leadership Award
  • BSCAA Women in Leadership trophy, certificate and electronic badge
  • Editorial feature on the BSCAA website, social media and newsletter
  • Editorial feature in the InClean magazine
  • Complimentary ticket tot he 2024 Women in Leadership event
  • Opportunity to be an active member of the BSCAA Women in Leadership Committee

Eligibility & Important Information

To be eligible, nominees must be current BSCAA members or business partners in the state the awards are being held.

If you are unsure about your organisation's current membership status, please get in touch with the BSCAA via email at national@bscaa.com 

Individuals must be based in the state where the awards are being held and present at at the Women in Leadership awards event.

Self-nomination and Third-party nomination will be accepted.

All entries will be assessed by a panel of at least two but no more than three independent judges.


Your online submission is to address the following criteria:

  • Current Position
  • Career overview (detailing professional achievements and qualifications)
  • Your contribution to the industry
  • Provide examples of your leadership qualities and indicate how you have demonstrated these qualities
  • Describe how you act as a role model to others
  • Details the positive contributions and influence that you have made above and beyond your job role
  • Your interests and activities
  • Self-development and personal goals in the next five years
  • Reasons why you should be chosen as the 2023 Women in Leadership Award recipient
  • Two references supporting your submission - 1 x professional, and 1 x personal (to be uploaded at the end of your submission).

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