ecoClean is an environmental program that was developed by the cleaning industry to enable its participants to achieve increased eco-efficiency. 

What is ecoClean?

 The ecoClean program has entry attainment followed by four levels. To achieve and maintain certification each business musty comply with the relevant requirements of all preceding levels.  Each business should choose the level of certification which best suits their business needs, while at the same time fulfilling the objective of continuous environmental improvement.

As each business achieves higher levels of certification, it will become more environmentally friendly and gain a greater edge on competitors.

Goals of ecoClean

The main goal of ecoClean is to assist businesses within the cleaning industry to achieve best environmental management practice, while also being cost effective, for each participant.

The program has the goal of assisting each business to make steady, continuous improvement towards better overall business practice, bearing in mind that technology constantly offers improved options for doing business more sustainably.

The ecoClean certification and the use of the ecoClean logo are intended to acknowledge those businesses that have made a commitment to adopting good environmental practices.


ecoClean is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Safe disposal of waste water and other harmful substances
  • Reduction of the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals and substitution with environmentally friendly chemicals;
  • Conservation of energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conservation of water
  • Reduction in the amount of waste generated and an increase in recycling.

To achieve these outcomes participants in ecoClean are expected to:

  • Comply with all existing environmental laws and regulations
  • Show commitment to continuous improvement
  • Engage actively with staff and clients to improve performance
  • Ensure that staff are well trained in environmental care
  • Measure and report on actual achievements
  • Regularly review progress.

 Level What Who
 Entry Attainment - CommitmentThe first year FREE entry level which ensures a business complying with all current mandatory environmental requirements and involves businesses identifying current practices and making a positive commitment to improve their performance.All cleaning companies. Responsible businesses who wish to demonstrate to potential clients their commitment to environmental responsibility.
 Level One - ImplementationDemonstrate that the business is environmentally responsible and is improving performance.Any businesses seeking to be awarded government contracts (Federal, State or Local). 
 Level Two - SustainabilityEmbeds gains already made and makes them part of regular practice.Businesses seeking recognition for commitment to environmental responsibility. 
 Level Three - ISO ComplianceTo ensure the ecoClean program is synchronised with other major certification systems, particularly ISO14001:2015.  Has achieved ISO 14001 certification.
 Level Four - LeadershipIndustry sector leadership and adoption of best practice in all activities.Businesses which have already achieved accreditation under ISO14001 or equivalent. 

Current BSCAA members, please contact to discuss application at BSCAA member discounted rates. The displayed application fees below are for non-BSCAA members. 

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